Mila Bronshtein

Mila Bronshtein’s path to becoming a quality interior designer and decorator for commercial and residential spaces began a decade ago. Mila was looking to redesign her duplex in Tel Aviv while living in Moscow when she realized she wanted to carry out her vision for the interior design herself. From there, she created her company, Mila Interior Design Bureau (now SIX WALLS), owned and operated independently by her.

After Mila and her family moved back to Israel, she set up her business in Tel Aviv. Through Mila’s eight years of professionally designing interiors in Israel and  Russia, she has collected an extensive portfolio ranging from private houses and apartments to offices and beauty salons. She draws inspiration from Europe, North America and Asia – a nod to the places she’s visited through her many years of travel.

Over the years, Mila has proven to be a favorite among her clients. Her customers are loyal and recurring; they come back to her to work on their offices as well as their homes. She takes pride in her dedication to always complete a project without forfeiting quality, a trait as difficult to master as it is to follow-through with.

Mila graduated from the famous Moscow Interior Design School Details in 2010. From there, she completed a continuing education at KLC school of design in London. She received additional education in the design of commercial spaces in Studio 6B in Tel Aviv. From her extensive education and diverse clientele, she has found an adaptive sense of style, shifting based on her customer.

With her fluid sense of style she utilizes a modern foundation to begin designing a space. Her  contemporary designs are based on proportional, clean lines, neutral color palettes and classical and ethnic elements. She finds a way to add a touch of magic to each space she designs.

“Your home should tell a story of who you are and be a collection of what you love”

Her contemporary style has transformed countless rooms into comfortable, airy and functional spaces that reflect the personalities and interests of her clients.

Like her style, Mila’s design process is unique. She begins with a piece of inspiration of the client’s choice, whether it be a piece of art, book, song or a piece of furniture that a client values. From there, she designs a mood board for the space – an intimate practice many interior designers no longer employ. Her personalized designing process generates incomparable, stunning results.

“The redesigning and remodeling process is always hard and emotional for everyone. There is no chance that this process will be without surprises. The trick is how you deal with it. You need a specialist who knows exactly what to do, after all – the devil is in the details.”