Interior design is designing an entire living space from scratch.
There are 6 elements of interior design and these 6 elements are implemented on 6 walls (4 walls, floor, ceiling).

the Alpha Element of interior design, an enclosed space with boundaries that provides the foundation and sets the corner stone of the ultimate design!
Lines within a space give birth to shapes and forms that act as a visual guide of the interior space establishing a sense of unity between Contrast and Harmony!
Forms are flat lines and shapes in a confined space brought to life and defined by the elements. A well-defined form provides for perfect symbiosis between shapes colors and textures!
Without light other elements have no significance. Natural or man-made, light sets the mood and ambiance extenuating all other elements; The Space, Lines, Forms, Colors and Textures!
Speak for themselves! Combined correctly and based on the psychology and mindset of the occupants, colors establish an esthetic connection between the surrounding objects and set the mood.
Defines depth and commands interest into a living space. The texture and pattern of a surface together with color tell the story and extenuate the mindset of the occupants.
What people say
“Mila with her studio accompanied the project of designing, planning and construction of the SOCIALIST GROUP current office from the very first moment in 2018. Mila accurately caught the spirit of the office location, as well as the essence of company philosophy, which certainly was reflected in the project implementation. The work on the project was just excellent: the studio promptly responded to any necessary change, gave quick recommendations in case of any deviations, offered several options for choice. As a result, our office is a modern corporate space realized in the loft concept, providing both lightness and solidity, transparency and spirit of unity. Certainly the office is one of the main highlights of the SOCIALIST GROUP; its uniqueness is noted by all the inhabitants and visitors, incl. partners and job seekers. I am very glad that it was Mila Bronshtein with six walls that accompanied our office design and construction project and I am happy to recommend Mila as an incredibly professional, responsive and partner.”
Alexandra Lagutina
What people say
"Our work with Mila started with my new beauty salon on Yarmiyahu street. After that, she designed for me my next 4 salons. After designing my salons she was the perfect choice for designing my apartment. It wasn’t an easy job because we had only 3 weeks for planning, renovating and designing.
Professional, comfortable and very patient.
She always finds communication not only with the client but with my coworkers and professionals on the structure site.
The last project we finished is gorgeous. Thank you…"
Yullia Gal
What people say
"Mila designed our central offices in Jerusalem in 2013. The work was done on time, within budget, and with taste. She understood the needs and goals of the organization. My team worked closely with Mila and everyone felt comfortable working with her. She is professional in her work. Our workspace became comfortable and functional. We received much praise from clients and coworkers on the space. We would like to work with her in the future."
Alex Selskiy
What people say
"We decided to work with Mila when we bought our duplex apartment, because we followed her work for years, loved her taste and feeling of color. It was very easy working with her. We listened to her recommendations and the work on the project was in harmony. On the beginning of the project we wrote a draft of our needs as suggested my Mila, and she led our desires and needs to the right path. She kept within the required time. Project budget was finalized quickly as well, and was kept as planned."
Jenny & Ilan